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Future Plans


We Use the Best and the Rest

At Melange Creperie we want to reflect the city of Houston and our region of Gulf Texas in all our dishes. In the past 8 years of making crepes and goodies for y'all we have had over 900 different specials!


This commitment to our broad city culture and our specific climate has brought about some amazing combinations and creative experiments inspired by the seasonality of produce at local markets and incredible availability of spices and flavors from across the globe brought to our port city by the innumerable cultures that thrive in Houston's neighborhoods.


We have done specials from Indonesia to Morocco, north to Scandinavia and south to Ethiopia. We also love making dishes inspired by Mexico, Central and South America as well as American classics and re-imaginations. 


Our commitment to local ingredients starts with the staples, including:


Flour from Miller Milling in Fort Worth, TX

Milk from Mill King Dairy outside Waco, TX

Eggs from Boling, TX, Longview, TX, Freeport, TX,

or various locations in TX LA & AR

Sugar from Gramercy, LA


We want to get all our produce local, really. But it doesn't work out that way. Anyone who tells you they are 100% local is lying. We try to buy local produce as much as we can, and we take our cues for what is in season from the great farms, backyard gardens and markets in the Houston area. We love to shop them and hope that you will too. 


Here are some great markets:

Eastside Market on Saturday morning

East End Market on Sunday

Rice Farmers Market on Tuesday

City Hall Market on Wednesday


some of our favorite vendors include:

Gunderson Farms, Waller TX

Atkinson Farm, Spring TX

Plant it Forward, various Houston urban farms

Space City Farms, West End, Houston

Last Organic Outpost, 5th Ward, Houston

Finca Tres Robles, East End, Houston

Loam Farms, Katy, TX


Houstonians make some great products we include in our menu, and I do hope you agree that they make some of the best stuff in the world:


Pecans and other seasonal produce from Canino's Market, Sunset Heights, Houston

Bread from Angela's Oven and El Bolillo Bakery, Sunset Heights, Houston

Yogurt from Lucky Layla, Katy TX

Honey from Bee Wilde, Montgomery TX

or Stroope Honey, Pearland TX

Goat Cheese from Blue Heron Farms, Waller TX

Queso Fresco from Castro Cheese, Spring Branch, Houston

Tavola Pasta, Midtown, Houston

Garden dirt from Farm Dirt Compost, 5th Ward, Houston



If given the choice between something from near or far, it is usually best to take the near. Some Texas products we enjoy include:


Goat Cheese from Pure Luck, Dripping Springs TX

Tahini from Tahina Biladi, Brownsville TX

Fresh cheeses from Mozzarella Company, Dallas TX 

and Aged cheeses from Veldhuizen Cheese, Dublin TX

and many more...


We LOVE backyard produce! Some of our longtime customers have given us their excess citrus, greens, pepper and more and we encourage you to do the same. If you have extra production from your garden or trees, contact us and let us know, we would love to include your homegrown in our seasonal menu!


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